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Corrine Codeluppi v. State of Ohio

How Much Factual and Legal Bases Must Be Included in a Motion to Suppress in an OVI Case to Result in a Hearing?

Corrine Codeluppi v. State of Ohio, Case no. 2013-0186 Ninth District Court of Appeals (Lorain County) ISSUE: To trigger a hearing, is a highly detailed pleading of facts and law required to satisfy the notice requirements as outlined in a 1994 Ohio Supreme Court case when a defendant files a motion to suppress in an OVI case? This was an oral argument before the Ohio Supreme Court on a OVI case of great constitutional importance.

Defending You in Your DUI/OVI Case

In Ohio, what is commonly called “DUI” is technically called operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or “OVI”. This is an area of law all onto itself. OVI is usually a first-degree misdemeanor, but repeat offenders may be subject to felony indictments and the penalties that come with an OVI conviction can be harsh. Possible penalties include jail or prison, large fines, long license suspensions and other expensive, time consuming sentences.

Joseph Burke has earned a solid reputation in handling hundreds of DUI/OVI cases over the years. He has practiced law for over 18 years and is an experienced criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUI defense and is willing to put his experience and skills to work in defending you. Attorney Joseph Burke provides skilled, passionate representation to assist those who are charged with a DUI/OVI in the Cleveland area and throughout all of Northeast Ohio. He understands that a DUI impacts an individual, their employment and their family. Much is at stake. Each OVI case is different and cannot be treated in a cookie-cutter fashion. Joseph Burke is able to advise you of every aspect of your case from recent changes in Ohio’s OVI law, to evidentiary and license suspension issues to possible penalties in the event of conviction.

Attorney Burke also has a thorough and complete understanding of issues involving the stop and seizure of a Defendant, field sobriety tests, probable cause to arrest for DUI, Blood Alcohol Concentration and breath test instruments. He has kept abreast of the changes in the OVI laws and the practices and procedures to ensure that the prosecutor continues to prove every element of the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

In addition to his trial and litigation experience, he sharpened his legal training serving three judicial clerkships, with the United States District Court in Cleveland, Ohio, the Eighth District Court of Appeals in Cleveland, Ohio and the Supreme Court of Hawaii. His objective is to get you the best possible results while assisting you through a rapidly changing legal system.

Serving Northeastern Ohio

For over 18 years, Attorney Burke has defended individuals throughout the Cleveland area and all of Northeast Ohio and has helped individuals in Cuyahoga County, Lorain County, Medina County, as well as local municipal courts including Rocky River Municipal Court, Lakewood Municipal Court, Cleveland Municipal Court, Berea Municipal Court, Elyria Municipal Court, Avon Lake Municipal Court, Lorain Municipal Court, Garfield Heights Municipal Court, Bedford Heights Municipal Court, Shaker Heights Municipal Court as well as North Ridgeville Mayor’s Court, Sheffield Lake Mayor’s Court, Sheffield Village Mayor’s Court and Independence Mayor’s Court. He would be honored to help and defend you too.

We Specialize in DUI/OVI Defense

Unlike other attorneys, Attorney Joseph T. Burke does not just dabble in DUI/OVI defense, instead that is his primary focus. Clients throughout Northeast Ohio have relied on him for his preparation, dedication and passion in defending them. He regularly appears in many different courts and is keenly aware that each court, judge and prosecutor is unique and handles DUI/OVI prosecutions in different ways.

Over 18 Years of Experience

Joseph T. Burke has spent the past eighteen years representing defendants in DUI/OVI cases, whether first-time offenders or repeat offenders. He has also earned the respect of the judges and prosecutors who recognize that Joe will passionately represent his client and advocate their defense. Call Joseph T. Burke today to put that experience and skill to work for you.