Understanding Civil Litigation: Cleveland Lawyer

Understanding Civil Litigation:  Cleveland Lawyer

Joseph T. Burke

Any non-criminal dispute between two or more parties is known as civil litigation.  In a civil case, the plaintiff is the person who initiates the case while the defendant is the one being accused of a wrongdoing.  The plaintiff is usually seeking money damages or a specific action to be done instead of criminal sanctions against a defendant as remedy for his or her wrongdoing.   Civil litigation cases take many different forms and each must be handled in a specific manner.

Some civil cases include:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Property Disputes
  • Car Accidents
  • Business Disputes
  • Defamation of Character
  • Medical Malpractice

Lawyers that specialize in civil litigation are known as “Litigators” or “Trial Lawyers”.  When there is a dispute, both parties should contact their attorneys before the complaint is taken to court.  Civil law cases involve the filing of a complaint, an answer, discovery, an attempt to resolve the case before trial through mediation or arbitration, and in some cases, trial by judge or jury.  Civil litigation trials are taken just as seriously as criminal law cases.  It is very important for the plaintiff and the defendant to be represented by reliable, experienced attorneys when faced with a dispute.  Each case must be handled differently and an experienced litigator will help the process go more smoothly.

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