Civil/Business Litigation

Business litigation

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Joseph T. Burke has represented numerous businesses, both large and small, in a wide array of litigation matters, including, but not limited to: shareholder and partner disputes, noncompetition agreements, trade secret disputes/theft, employment matters, electronic discovery, and contract disputes.

Joseph T. Burke recognizes that aggressive litigation is not always the answer in a business dispute. At times, negotiation, mediation, arbitration or a more creative solution may be more appropriate. However, Joseph T. Burke is not afraid to engage in aggressive litigation when the circumstances call for it. Contact Joseph T. Burke today to discuss the facts and circumstances relevant to your particular situation.

Civil Litigation

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Civil litigation is a broad term which includes civil cases adjudicated in any court in the State of Ohio, including local municipal courts, common pleas courts, courts of appeals, the Ohio Supreme Court and the various federal courts. It involves the filing of a compliant, and answer, discovery, mediation, arbitration and in some cases a judge or jury trial. Joseph T. Burke represents both Plaintiffs and Defendants in such cases. It is important to know that each particular court may have different ways of handling cases, advancing a docket, and resolving disputes.

Always retain counsel who has practiced in the Court and before the various judges in that court. Familiarity breeds experience, trust and a solid reputation. An attorney unfamiliar with a particular court is at a serious disadvantage to one who regularly practices before the court.

Joseph T. Burke has favorable experience in representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in breach of contract, collection and construction problems and insurance claims. Joseph is also a certified arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau involving lemon law claims.